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Flowers For Me


Flowers for me and for Madison

I’m not going to get serenaded by an instrument that needs giggity, but I’m thankful that I have had some good days with my kids. They were off yesterday and today.

Yesterday, we went to the store and picked up some goodies.

Today, we went to the store and picked up goodies and picked up the Girl Scout cookies.

Now, I’m getting ready for bed. Tomorrow (yes, Valentine’s Day), I have to be in at work at 630 in the morning and I won’t be home until 8pm … at the earliest. Yay!

The good news is that I get to work with a lot of the people I actually like working with! That is the best part of it, I think! I really do enjoy the people I work with.

It does suck that I won’t be able to spend Valentine’s Day with Josh, though. He’s off Sunday through Tuesday though, and I’m off Tuesday, so I told him he’s taking me to see Deadpool. I’m not a fan of the superhero movies, but holy shit, this one looks to be damn good, if only for the shit that will be coming out of Ryan Reynold’s mouth! Now that I am looking forward to!

This Week in Happy: January 31-February 06, 2015

Pretty Valentine’s Day washi!

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