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The Cold Weather Approaches

Besides Christmas coming, colder weather is coming. There was a threat of snow, and then it turned to “flurries” but not a thing fell. I am not complaining. I am not complaining at all!

Kit: Winter Chill by Blue Heart Scraps

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It’s a Madhouse

A madhouse I tell you! Not really, but it’s fun! I am LOVING making stuff using pictures I take of the Girl Scouts!


Template: Give Thanks by Connie Prince
Kit: Scouting is Fun by Connie Prince
The Brownies earned their cooking badge (or something like that). It was a lot of fun; everyone seemed to enjoy themselves!

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Off I Go …

So, I’m going OUT tonight. Josh told me to be home before he goes to work tomorrow and to not get any hickeys. Um, I have no idea how I’ll get hickeys, and I don’t think I’ll be out that late. All of us have Girl Scouts tomorrow afternoon, Rolling on the floor laughing.

Otherwise, nothing much. I hate having to write “nothing much is going on”, but honestly, nothing much is.going on. I don’t have the tree up. I don’t have anything like that yet. Hell, I don’t even have birthday planning going on yet.

I’m just waiting impatiently for Wal-Mart.com to ship one of the presents I ordered for Madison (personalized art set), and waiting on FedEx to update their tracking, which they haven’t done since Nov. 30 Sad smile

In digital scrapbooking news: I have officially stepped down from being a Blondie at Brownie Scraps. I’m still on WendyBird’s CT, I just won’t be doing the Blondie gig. The blogging was just getting too much, considering I couldn’t do it as easily as I could with my own blogs.

On the Gingerscraps front: NEW RELEASES and a NEW COLLAB! Yes, they just had one release yesterday, but they have another, too. It’s called Seasons Scrap: Fall & Winter! SO awesome!


Calendar Template: Creations by Julie
Coffee Kit: Coffee Please by Marie H Designs
Kit for Calendar: Seasons Scrap: Fall & Winter by the GS designers

You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

December’s Gingerscraps’ Buffet makes that song pop into my head. It’s called “Who-Village” and trust me, the name FITS! The Buffet is just AMAZING. Seriously. I dare you NOT to find something you enjoy in it!!

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Scrapbooking at it’s Finest


This is what I do when I win. People are seeming to enjoy the face I’m making. Personally, I’m looking at it and going “How the HELL am I turning 30 in 8 days?” Smile

Template: Scrapping Made Easy, Vol 6 by Kat’s Creations
Kit: Talk to Me by Kat’s Creations