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Getting Closer and Closer

We’re getting closer and closer to a house Fingers crossed … and Christmas Sleepy smile. We found out that our faithful payments to the credit cards has helped. Laughing out loud That’s good right? Thankfully, just a few more months, and then we start the official hunt. We don’t want to do it too early because several months of double costs would seriously kill us Sad smile

But, with the mention of Christmas also means the closer and closer that my birthday comes Disappointed smile Less than a month now!! Mom asked me what I wanted, and that was easy to tell her: $$$. I want it towards either a new lens (Camera) or a cellphone (Mobile phone). I also told her I wouldn’t mind a Colts jersey. Hey, she lives in Indiana. Only ones we can find here are totally the wrong Manning brother. With the Chiefs winning? I’m even more screwed with finding stuff!!

Out Shopping

Is it just me, or is everyone offering some sort of credit card processing when you order something. That, or they’re offering you an actual credit card or rewards card. I went shopping with Julie a couple weeks ago, and I got a new rewards card from Hot Topic. So, on top of my Best Buy, Dillons, Toys R Us, and Hallmark, plus the Barnes and Noble one that I renew each year, I have the Hot Topic one. Weird, but awesome! Its definitely an eclectic assortment of cards, :lol:.

Ain’t That the Way it Always Goes?

I just got an e-mail from Walmart that makes me wish the credit cards were paid off? Why?

Because of this: PlayStation 3 Blu-ray Entertainment Value Bundle! Price: $488.00. Yes, I said $488.
PlayStation 3 Blu-ray Entertainment Value Bundle includes:
* PlayStation 3 80GB Console
* Sony Blu-ray Remote
* Your choice of two (2) PlayStation 3 games
* Your choice of four (4) Blu-ray movies
Holy crap!!
From the choices, I would have to choose:
Games: LEGO Star Wars: Complete Saga and Madden ‘07, though Josh would prefer 08 🙂
Movies: A Knight’s Tale (Widescreen), 50 First Dates (Blu-ray), Underworld (Blu-ray), and The Legend of Zorro (Blu-ray)

Stupid economy. Ruining my plans again 🙁

Stressing Out

Josh is due to get off at 1:15pm.
So he’s working 8am to 1:15pm. That’s only 5 hrs and 15 minutes. He got 6 hours yesterday7 1/2 on Saturday and 7 1/2 on Monday. He’s off tomorrow and expecting light on Friday. If he only works his minimum on Friday that’s only TWENTY-EIGHT HOURS!!
We can’t fucking pay rent and bills with TWENTY-EIGHT HOURS A WEEK!!

I’m scared to fucking death right now. We might be cutting out the Internet and then we’re seriously screwed because two bills are only paid online (credit cards). I have no idea what we’re going to do.

I’m wanting to puke literally because of the stress.
Anyone wanna hire me for something anything?

Just please for the love of Pete just shoot me now. I HATE STRESS!!!!

How the fuck did they have hours a year ago and NONE now? Jesse was getting like 10 hours of overtime this time last year!! Same fucking station too.

Biggest thing pissing me off? At least 6 of these carriers are past retirement age but are “scared” to retire because they don’t know what they’re going to do when they’re no longer working. Come the fuck on!! One of them? He’s been HIT THREE TIMES in the past 2 years has a 100% walking route yet won’t leave. HE’S ALMOST 70!!

See there are positions just no one will give them up. Their pension? They’ll be making similar what they’re making now after they retire. They just don’t want to be “bored”. O.O

Taking on debt

Sometimes, taking on debt is unavoidable.

When I was pregnant with Madi, my food intake doubled, as is expected. Unfortunately, Josh’s pay didn’t reflect that, as I had been practically starving myself prior to that, so he could eat for work. Since Florida didn’t consider a fetus as an actual child, we were denied any sort of assistance, besides WIC. WIC doesn’t cover much, and I’d go through that before the next month came around. So, we were forced to get a card. We’d already drained other resources, and we needed food.

We’ve actually been doing good with it. We’ve paid it off THREE times in 5 years. That’s pretty good, considering how hard we’ve struggled during those five years. Even if we pay it off again, we don’t plan on canceling it. It could risk damage to Josh’s credit rating. I like the rating. It’s right where it needs to be, and needs to stay that way!

Now, we’re taking on a car loan. Every paycheck, $76 will be taken out. We’re actually supposed to get a discount on it, since we’re doing it that way, which is a good thing for us. We’re getting a vehicle we love, and we’re getting it at a good deal. But, once again, we’re forced to take it on. But, it’s a debt we can handle, and one, while we hate having to pay it off, it’s one we’re willing to take.