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Some Delicious Layouts

Kit: Season of Giving collab for Chris by the amazing and wonderful Gingerscraps designers

This week, we have a special kit that was created by our designers, called Season of Giving. Kathy Winters spearheaded the collab, and how she described it to the CT is perfect, I think, for why the kit was created:

For those of you that might not know, Chris’s (altimasport) brother John has been diagnosed with stage 3 Laryngeal Cancer and is fighting hard to survive this horrible disease. He is currently recovering from surgery to remove his entire voice box and will be facing more treatment soon to remove cancer found in lymph nodes. Chris has been working on various fund raisers to support her brother and has also been keeping vigil by his side to lend whatever emotional and spiritual support she can provide. We wanted to show our support in some small way so we put together this collaboration kit to benefit John.

I’ll be honest. While I was writing the post for this last night, I was tearing up. I had to stop and take a break. It was those good tears, though. Red heart being part of this community!

This was the layout I created for this. The picture is from a couple years old but I still love it! The template came with the kit, and well, I love it!

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Project Life & P365: Week 04


Template: Creations by Julie
Kit: Project 2013 by Connie Prince


Kit: Gone Wild by Roseytoes
Template: Pretty in Green



Kit: My Every Day Life by Simple Girl Scraps
Template: Pretty in Green


Project Life & Project 365: Week 03

Week 03… There were some ups and some downs. The BIGGEST up was the new camera. I got a Canon PowerShot A3400. I know that I’ve mentioned this several times since I got it Monday, but dang it, I ? this dang camera!

Another big up was that we saw The Hobbit in theaters. It was SO good! I wanted to go back in and watch it again! Definitely going to be seeing the other parts!

The biggest down was Madison ended up sick most of the week. Tuesday through Thursday, she was full of fever. Well, Thursday, it broke, and Tuesday it spiked, but still. Poor thing! We had WAFFLES three times though, so that was a plus 🙂

week03Kit: Project 2013 by Connie Prince
Template: Creations by Julie
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Project 366: Once Again Caught Up

Template: Creations by Julie
Papers: Project 2012 by Connie Prince
Project 2012 by Connie Prince
Good Night by the GS designers
Courageous by Pretty in Green

Sunday: There was a Pack Swim Day at the pool. Everyone was exhausted, including Josh. Poor guy! Six days of 9-11 hours of work, and then again, all day at the pool!
Monday: I did my nails in a beach-y theme. Sky blue and gold glitter. Looked like water meets ocean.
Tuesday: I’m not in the shape I’d like to be, but I’m learning to accept the shape that I have.
Wednesday: The truck thought that it was the perfect time for a heart attack. Went off when I restarted, thankfully!
Thursday: Last day of swim lessons for Ethan. He passed Level 2 this time, but refused the diving board!
Friday: A nice long oatmeal bath soak does wonders for my itchy skin!
Saturday: Long days, early mornings, late nights. They catch up with you after awhile!
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Scrap A Long Cassidy

I’ve had a busy scrapbooking July so far! I just haven’t shown them here, because I forgot :O I’ve been posting them on my digi tumblr.

Kit: This Summer collab between Pretty in Green and Sugar Kissed Designs

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