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Books Read in October 2018

Here are the books that I read in October. The list is smaller but I switched positions fully in October, so I’m struggling to get used to it!

    • Saddled and Spurred (Blacktop Cowboys, #2)
    • Wrangled and Tangled (Blacktop Cowboys, #3)
    • One Night Rodeo (Blacktop Cowboys, #4)
    • Turn and Burn (Blacktop Cowboys, #5)
    • Hillbilly Rockstar (Blacktop Cowboys, #6)
    • Wrapped and Strapped (Blacktop Cowboys, #7)
    • Hang Tough (Blacktop Cowboys #8)
    • Racked and Stacked (Blacktop Cowboys, #9)
    • Bound (Mastered, #1)
    • Unwound (Mastered, #2)
    • Unraveled (Mastered, #3)
    • Caged (Mastered, #4)

I told you it was short and sweet!

So Jealous

I’m so absolutely jealous of my brother-in-law, Jesse. A few weeks ago, he got to go to Vegas. Vegas is on my hit list of places to visit in the US (international list is much longer, XD). He got to see everything, and it makes me mad, :lol:. I want to go so badly. So far, none of my bargaining is working on Josh, :lol:.

Josh told me the bad news last night: The Colts lost to the Cowboys. 🙁 Oh well, mostly 2nd string played, anyway. That’s how pre-season works, 🙂 As long as they don’t completely bomb during the regular season and make it into the play-offs, I’ll be happy as a clam, XD.

Man, I’m starting on things early today. 🙂 I’m working on today’s tag for members. Figure I do it early, before temps skyrocket (we’re talking triple-digits this weekend, and most of the week O.o, but then they’re going to start going down again). My parents suck though! They’re not getting hit with the triple-digits AT ALL!!

Speaking of Indiana, the coal-mine collapse? Gibson County is in the viewing area of my folks. It’s like not far from Evansville at all. So, yeah, there’s a very good chance I know someone who works at that mine. Thankfully, no family. But, god, this shit is starting to get fucking scary!! At least it’s got the news off the freaking war. I support my troops, but, gah, I’m tired of hearing about it constantly. What’s sad? They declare Britney Spear’s hit-and-shop more important than the war O.o How fucked is American society?

Hai Thair!!


It’s 9:30 am, and I’ve been up for 2 hours! :loser: I’ve gotten a bit accomplished while I’ve been up:

  • Ethan’s changed and eating.
  • Cellphone bill has been paid ($111.69 :omg:)
  • Cable bill has been paid ($94.68 … will be going up because we’re upgrading to digital – hey, $4.99 extra a month for 6 months, and only $15 after that :up:)
  • Power and gas bills have been written ($112.26 total. Would have been about $30 cheaper, but the check for last month didn’t arrive in time, and better ahead than behind)
  • Pretty good, huh? I, last night, also got the theme done for the new site for Josh and I. I love it!!

    Okay, got totally distracted there, and didn’t finish for half-an-hour, XD. Whoops!
    I participated in a project on dA:

    I’m also having an extremely happy moment: WISHBONE IS BACK ON PBS!!!

    Okay, I’m done, XD. I need to shut up and work on schtuff!!

    Okay, I lied!! One more thing!! Pre-Season started yesterday!! Guess who played? The Colts! That’s right!! Guess against whom? The Cowboys gag Guess who plays on Thanksgiving? The Colts!! Guess who’s playing the day I leave for Indiana? The Colts, that’s right!! Anyone know who won yesterday? I’m too lazy to look it up on NFL.com.