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Goals … I have Them!


So, one goal I had was finding SOMETHING that will stay on my weirdly shaped head while I work out. I found something with TheSavvyCoconut headbands (available on Etsy!)

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Goal Met!

goal almost metOne thing I love about FitBit is that is tells you when you’re getting close to reaching your goal. It’s so satisfying to see that! And you’re like “Oh, I got this” 😀 Continue reading


Cold … Just a Little

It’s cold enough that the geese are walking on actual ice on the pond.


But I still did EFFING AMAZING on steps today!

Urban Boot for hitting 15k in steps
High Tops for hitting 20k in steps

I could go for 25k (I’m 3356 steps away) but my PM is kicking in, and I need to be able to semi-move tomorrow. I feel FREAKING AMAZING though!


I Don’t Even Know

So … I had plans to work on Week 02 Project: Life stuff … and the husband is home. My weekend? Booked solid until Tuesday when everyone goes back 😆

I have a couple layouts to share and stuff, but I really don’t want to dig and grab the credits (I need to because that’s just nice to do, plus I need to link them up at galleries).

But wow. I’m TIRED!

That’s part of the reason. What you don’t see is the little amount of sleep I’ve been getting. I’ll be in bed for at least 7 hours, but I only register four or five. Max. Sucks SO BAD, but I’m at least sleeping harder. I’m tired, but I’m not letting myself stay in bed. It’s even worse then!

I’ve also been doing meal planning! That’s for next week! The meal planner is a snap-in extra from Erin Condren! I love it!


Fresh Baked for Jan 01 & 02

WOO! Scrapbooking again, and I’m so excited to be doing it! 4 layouts for the year already! :O

COVER for the album! I <3 how it turned out!
Template: Connie Prince
Kit: January 2015 Buffet

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