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A Glimpse at Myself


Yesterday was a bad day. I woke up on the edge of the nerves and the day just got worse.

I ended up having a nice heart-to-heart with my daughter after an explosion, which was good, I guess, but I still hate that it came to that point.

Today, though, it was a complete reversal of yesterday. Which is what is frustrating about dealing with bi-polar, or whatever the hell it is that I have. I was diagnosed at 15 with it, given meds. Those meds made me a statistic. Meaning, at 15, I attempted suicide. I haven’t been on meds for it since. I’m thankful I’m not on meds, but if I got more regular sleep, I think I’d be a lot happier all around.

This week, I also started up EA Active 2. Today was my “day off”. I’m wanting to try and do the “Warrior Dash” next year. So, I’m working on getting in shape. Before I start attempting From Couch to 5k, I want to be able to do the cardio challenge on EA Active 2 on Medium all the way through. I’m starting with Easy.

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Relaxing Time

I’m now relaxing on the couch. It feels good. Ankle is a bit swollen.

Still live-streaming it!

Chat with you later!!

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You Live … You Learn

My parents bought a couch with a 5-year or something money back guarantee/warranty on it. Two years after they bought it, the company they bought it from went under. They lost their warranty. Dad got a similar warranty from the laptop he bought from Circuit City, long before they went under (like 2 or 3 years). This time, though, they got the number for the warranty place. Thankfully, since Dad has had a few issues with his laptop (he’s not gentle at all with his electronics).

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I Don’t Wanna!!

I don’t want my vacation to end. I’m loving it here at my parents. This couch that I’m sitting on? Comfy as hell. This TV I’m watching Mom play MarioKart on? Huge as hell.

Basically, here’s the breakdown:
2 tanks of gas
Groceries for trip
Bags for packing my sister’s baby stuff
Baby shower stuff
Baby monitor for my parents house

The cost of it? Priceless because I’m getting to spend time with my family. And I’m loving it.
Even if my sister is deciding to be a pain the patootie, :lol:. Just chalk that up to pregnancy hormones and Megan being Megan 🙂


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Welcome to Icks Day

I now remember why I hate spring. It’s not really allergies. It’s the fluctuations in the weather patterns. We went almost 3 days of rain. Today is clear. They’re calling for major storms again tomorrow and Thursday. Ugh. These changes in air pressure or whatever reek havoc on my sinuses. And my wisdom teeth and jaw. Which causes my ears to ache. Which gives me major headaches and zaps my energy. Even with my iron pill, I feel like ass.

Bleh. I so zonked on the couch. With my son in “big boy pants”. He’s switched around three pairs today. They’re all still dry! He started this yesterday, so we’re on day 2 of potty training success. We’re not doing overnight yet. We’ll work on that a bit later. But!! But!! HE’S FREAKING POTTY TRAINING!!

Okay, I’m outtie for now. I need more sleep or something.


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