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So … a layout

Template Created Layout

When I saw this kit, I knew exactly what layout I wanted to do. I’m getting so much better at getting my steps. It’s not even a struggle. I’m finding myself getting MAD when my FitBit Flex doesn’t register my steps more than anything, 😆

Kit: Fresh Start by Inspired Designs
Template: Project Me: Let Go by Cornelia Designs and Two Tiny Turtles


Project Life … and some others

So yeah, I’m already behind and I don’t even think I’m going to care enough to worry about it, 😆

Project Life Week 07
Life is about the moments you capture and remember. I think I caught some good ones! Project Life is definitely giving me a chance to remember each moment, each day, and each week, in a way I haven’t been able to before!
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December Daily Layouts: Days 04-07

Yes, these are getting scrapped out of order. I’m doing them as I’m inspired. It’s all about each day, special moments. I’m getting the pictures. I’m capturing the normalness of the holidays. Some people do so much, all day, every day, during December, but I’m not like that. We’re not like that. We prefer to chill and relax. There’s enough craziness without adding more to it.

Kit: Christmas Countdown by JB Studios
Template: That Silly Elf by LissyKay

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Layouts I Forgot To Share

I love being able to walk outside and capture fall. I love that I have seasons I can view, watch them change.

Template: Balanced Templates by Cornelia Designs
Kit: October 2014 buffet, pieces by Created by Jill Scraps, Aprilisa Designs, & Bright Ideas


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