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Oh Well

I’m not going to hit 10k today. But I’m not going to stress on it. I accomplished A LOT today and that’s truly what matters.


I had to do some grocery shopping, but before I did, I made sure I unloaded the dishes from the dishwasher. They were ran the night before, so they were clean. WOO!

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This Week in Happy

This week was a basic week, but it was a good week!

There is nothing better than chocolate. I don’t care if you say white chocolate isn’t chocolate, this stuff is delicious!

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Yesterday’s Currently List


Switched at Birth! Apparently I stopped watching in the first half of the first season. It got better. I just got tired of the schedule being switched around, 😆

French Quarter: Hot in the City wasn’t that great. I finished it, but I wasn’t thrilled with it.

Josh is OBSESSED with the History Channel. He watches it all the time.

Shrimp Ramen turned out pretty win. Even Madison seemed to enjoy it and she’s not a fan of Ramen at all!

The weather is getting roller-coastery (60s for highs and 20s for lows, then 70s tomorrow, and then SNOW on Saturday) and its having an effect on our sinuses.

I did a squat challenge (one geared more towards those NOT towards those already in shape, but “normal” people, 😉 ). I also did my 5k steps for January, my 30-day-challenge for jumping jacks, and 30-day-challenge for planks. I semi-feel it today and it feels good.

I’m happy that I can move around. I’m not tied to a desk all day. I love it!


This Week in Pictures: January 18-24, 2015


I feel like I’ve shared all of the pictures this week. :/ We’ve all been dealing with something almost every single day this week, so things haven’t been that interesting. :/

Cool car!

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30 Days of List : Day 27

D14 List 27 - Things that happened yesterday

  1. Grocery shopped
  2. 9500 steps :O
  3. Got 39 on WiiFit Plus
  4. Madi got a Winter Wolf on Neverwinter
  5. Made waffle omelets