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Women Are Gross

Before you get all offended, please remember I’m a female. I’m a woman. I know the ins and outs of being female, a mother, all of that jazz.

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Crazy Clouds


The weather here has been amazing. So pretty. So cool and comfortable. I’m loving it. I’m ready to go watch some football. I don’t have to look into aluminum bleachers for sale, but I’m hoping they’re more comfortable than I remember them to be.

I’m loving the fall right now. It’s been so … just … ahh, wonderful. Tired of the wind-related migraines though. That, and the cranky husband who is also dealing with sinus-related issues.

Ugh, that sucks

Well, I had big plans for October. BIG PLANS.

I was going to post every day. I was going to do a layout a day. I was going to write 750 words every day.

I failed.

By day 2.

Sinus Infection/Cold.

At least it’s happening now, in October, and not November.

I had to ask for Claritin D. Not the OTC stuff, but the good shit, that requires a signature and ID to get a package of. Yes, I had to have that!

Good luck to anyone getting in the complex. Both ends look like this.
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