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Oh Well

I’m not going to hit 10k today. But I’m not going to stress on it. I accomplished A LOT today and that’s truly what matters.


I had to do some grocery shopping, but before I did, I made sure I unloaded the dishes from the dishwasher. They were ran the night before, so they were clean. WOO!

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18 May, 2015 · 10:49 pm

Weekly Winners: April 01–April 07, 2012


All shots taken with a Canon Rebel XS, Sony Cybershot DSCW120, Kodak EasyShare C195, or the HTC Inspire 4G Android Phone. More can be found on my Flickr account

Remember how I mentioned Instagram last week, waiting for it to come out on Android? GUESS WHAT?!?! It did! On the sidebar, you’ll see a link to follow me Open-mouthed smile Party smile

This week, I’m starting a new way of showing off photos: Photo a Day photos, hosted by FatMumSlim! Then I’ll do the “other” photos. I’m not going to show off all the P365 ones, but there are a few. P365 & Photo a Day are DIFFERENT photos, BTW Open-mouthed smile So, I have to take at least two different photos a day Open-mouthed smile

Photo a Day Photos

Steely reflection #photoadayApril


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What Was That I Saw?

they clean the parking lot with a mini zamboni!

Weird thing: they cleaned the parking lot with what looked like ariens mowers. They weren’t, but I think that might be what the lawn guys use. It also looked like a mini Zamboni, Laughing out loud

Speaking of the parking lot cleaning: I had the guys doing it laughing at me. Why? Because I can’t back-up park to save my life! I just really and truly just SUCK at it!!

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Blog 365 Failure

Since I’ve found Plurk, I’ve become a Blog365 failure. But, you know what, I’m okay with that. I’m still blogging, I’m still being real and myself, I just found another outlet.

We have the first day of school figured it out. Madison starts August 14th. Yes, you heard me right, on a Thursday. That day is from 8:45 until 11am. Yeah, super freaking short day. Insane, right?

I’m getting super freaking annoyed with this complex though. Today, pest control came through. That wasn’t unexpected. We got the notice at noon yesterday (yay, for so-called 24-hours notice, right?). Well, the maintenance man knocks on the door. I’m halfway to the door when I think I hear a key in the lock. Well, as I reach the door, it flings open, nearly smacking me in the face. My look of death made Bug Man (very nice, very respectable fellow, BTW) back up, but Maintenance Man just smirks. He kept the door WIDE open, even though I had the AC on, even after Bug Man tried to close it. GAH! WTF?

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