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Calendar Blocking

Im reading an amazing book called Good Morning, Good Life. It’s about creating a morning routine to improve your life.

One of the suggestions is time-blocking. On a calendar. I use Google Calendar.

I love how colorful it is. How easy it is to duplicate multiple events.

And I can easily see the day in pure time block style.

Next, I’ll be scheduling in my morning routines. Some will adjust, based on my work schedule, but, I need to stop just sleeping until I can’t any longer and rushing to get ready.

Which also means i need to work on a nighttime routine as well!

Maybe Bedding?


I think we found the perfect bedding for Madison. Not that we’re going to buy it because she just got a huge set for her birthday, but she liked it 😉

Photo Hunt – Colorful

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My son and his “cayons”. Yes, that’s what he called chalk, :lol:.