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October 05 – 06, 2015 – NaBloPoMo & NaJoWriMo


For today’s prompt write a list of 10 burning questions for yourself about your life. I suggest not overthinking your list of questions, and you probably should not think about trying to answer those questions right now. Just write whatever questions come to mind. Remember, you’re writing in your journal. No one else should see your list, and you don’t have to answer to anyone about the questions you raise. You may find the this list troubling to write, but the questions might a useful to return to for future journal entries.

  1. What are you going to do with your future?
  2. Are you going back to school?
  3. Are you a good daughter?
  4. Are you a good friend?
  5. Are you lazy?
  6. Do you really think you’re a good writer?
  7. Can you make it in the real world?
  8. What’s it like living in the clouds so much?
  9. Are you really that spoiled?
  10. Why are your desires worth more than his

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6 October, 2015 · 11:31 pm

I’m Not Superficial

I just like taking selfies! These shots are screengrabs using Video to Picture on Android from my most recent driving vlog 😀

I colored my hair today. Garnier Nutrisse Honeydip (Dark Golden Blonde) and I even did my make-up. I really need to practice my eyeliner but I’m getting damn good at my actual eyeshadow 😀

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12 July, 2015 · 10:40 pm

Water-Filled Bliss


So, I got my new phone. It’s “water-resistant” and there are LOTS of videos testing it, but I’m still not quite ready to just throw it in the water with me.

But I’m in total BLISS with my new phone. I’m ready to try it out and take more pictures with it. I’ve already taken 103 with it 😆 That’s not including the edits that I’ve done with apps 😉

Now, I’m hoping I can get some sleep. My body is completely rebelling against me this week. Ugh. Figures, but I can deal with it 😉

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11 June, 2015 · 2:49 pm

The Face of the Blogger


It’s not every day that I decide to do my make-up. Today, I did, including tight-lining and the waterline. Some really great mascara, Voluminous Butterfly by L’Oreal Paris. I got it for free from Influenster a bit ago and it still works awesome.

And I’m so sorry the picture is yellow-ish. Stupid lighting in the bathroom.

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23 November, 2014 · 9:06 pm

Color Me Bad

Hair color changed #chocolatecaramel #garnier #garniernutrisse #hairdye #haircolor #athomedyejob

A woman is allowed to change her mind.

I went from purple to pink to orange, all in a fading of a dye job.

Now, I am my favorite snack: chocolate caramel. Yum and the color suits me. It is that pop of color that makes me feel more me!

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