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Merry Christmas


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25 December, 2016 · 9:27 am

Merry Christmas Eve

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24 December, 2016 · 10:41 pm

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!


Shopped at Michael’s and Walmart. Got most of Christmas done!

Froze my TUCKUS off! BRR!

Then I binge-watched Fuller House, because that’s what you do!

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9 December, 2016 · 8:36 pm

December Daily: Cover Page

Cover Page

Template: One I got a WHILE ago, so I’m not sure! :O
Kit: December 2016 Buffet!

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30 November, 2016 · 11:51 pm

December PlansĀ 

  1. December Daily layouts with Project Life app.
  2. Daily pictures.
  3. Mini vlogs until Christmas.
  4. Working a lot because everyone is sick.
  5. Work on writing bullet journal.

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26 November, 2016 · 10:10 pm