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Fresh Baked Friday–Ish

My father-in-law and his new bride!

Kit: Vanilla Essence by Seatrout Scraps


One of my favorite gifts that I got for Christmas last year! I broke them out the day after Halloween πŸ˜†

Template: Ponytails [November template challenge #2]
Kit: Project 2013 [December] by Connie Prince

Well, *snap*

We found How to Train Your Dragon dragon toys for the kids. The original plan was to keep them until Christmas, but yeah, that didn’t happen. They got them after school. They were quiet and good, so that’s okay. πŸ™‚

Talking about Christmas, though, got me thinking about multi color led Christmas lights, and other things. Thankfully, we got the new tree last year, so that’s one less thing I have to worry about.

Is it bad to be thinking of Christmas in August?

T13 – 74th Edition

Thirteen Computer Accessories I’d Accept For Christmas

and before someone throws a shit-fit, the “accept” is tongue-in-cheek

  1. Western Digital 500GB Scorpio Blue Sata 5400RPM 8MB Internal Laptop Hard Drive – Retail

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