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Hey Honey, How Was Your Day?


I got up “bright and early”, meaning before the bus came but after Ethan had gotten onto the bus. That even meant dressed. Not showered or anything. I do that right before work because otherwise sometimes my hair gets gross.

So, I did the laundry. My goal was two loads. I accomplished the two loads. Well, they’re washed and dried. That’s important 😉

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Yeah … um

Today hasn’t been a good day.

There have been some great parts:

  • I got a job offer! I start May 11
  • Madison got picked to read her DARE essay next Thursday
  • I haven’t killed Josh, who has been on vacation since Friday.

But there have been some not so great things today:

  • I have had pain all day courtesy of humidity.
  • I haven’t done hardly any steps, because of said pain.
  • I’ve eaten one too many strawberry cheesecake cupcakes

Otherwise, I’ve survived. Tomorrow is a new day, and here’s hoping I sleep enough tonight. Tomorrow is a field trip, another with the 4th graders. Then I have one Wednesday with both kids to Manhattan, for Music Memory (both kids! So proud! Second year in a row!). Then the next day I was supposed to go on a field trip with Ethan to the dump (I don’t even ask anymore), but Madi’s DARE program is then, so I’ll be going to that