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She’s Too Much


She’s growing up so fast.
I can’t take it.
She needs to just stop.
Eventually I’ll be able to write something else, but right now, I’m stuck on how beautiful this child is growing up to be!

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Gaming Girl


Madison is enjoying the ability to play some Sims 3 on the computer. She’s loving playing Dragon Valley mixed with pets. She has horses and dragons. She’s such a happy little girl right now!

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Wordless Wednesday


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Scare of my life

My heart is still racing, even though who it happened with is calm as a cucumber.

What happened? My son almost literally passed out. He held his breath so much that he couldn’t get it back. His eyes started to roll back in his head and his mouth was starting to foam. He literally scared the bejeezus out of me. He scared himself though too. I could see the terror in his eyes when he couldn’t stand, and when he realized he couldn’t take a breath.

This was the result of a fit. I wasn’t getting him what he wanted when he wanted. Anyone ever experience that with their kids, and have any advice on how to either stop the holding of the breath, or something? Ethan’s three, if that makes a difference. My brother did the same, but man, that’s scary crap!!


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