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Scrapping Late at Night

This past week! Actually done!

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Consistent: Find the Balance!

Consistent. Consistency. It’s hard to be consistent. Look at my calendar for March! Thus far? One post, not including this one. How pathetic is that? I’d planned to blog daily, but I haven’t.

Why? There’s no real excuse. I’m trying to find a balance in everything, and sometimes, other things will take priority.

Consistent in Steps

I have been consistent in something, at least! I’ve been consistent in my steps. I’m proud of myself for that! I won some Workweek Hustles with these steps! Even on my days off I hit my step goals! That’s remarkable for me! I love my FitBits!

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Quick Layouts


Back in 2014, for about a week (:lol:), I had purple hair. I miss having purple hair. I need to do it again!

Template: Keeping Tabs by Dear Friends Designs
Kit: Class is In

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It’s a PARTY!!

Oh, it’s SO much fun already!! SO much fun!! Gingerscraps is turning FOUR! Let’s PARTY!

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Going Creatively

My view above. Direct sunlight. Maybe I'll get some color.

Challenges and weather. That’s what I’ve had to deal with.

The challenges are Brownie Scraps, the Supreme challenge, that is. Another is a speed scrap from Gingerscraps! Smile

On the weather, it’s been COLD. I never thought I’d say that 80 was cold after this winter, but hell, it was cold. Sitting in direct sunlight yesterday afternoon, and I was STILL cold!

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