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Blowing Kisses

#kiss from Madi #mcpphotoaday #photogrid

Photo challenge was “Kiss” so I made Madi mime it for me 😀

She’s too damn cute!

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11 February, 2014 · 8:47 pm

Face Reflection

017.365 [2014] - Face Reflection

Because of a friend of mine, I joined 365Project. They do challenges to help you get your daily photos for the project. One of them is the Tag Challenge. Basically, you go to the tag page, and randomly choose two tags. I got “Face” and “Reflection”. I ended up with some cool pictures, using my integrated laptop webcam.

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It’s All Greek To Me

There’s a challenge, an amazing challenge, at Gingerscraps for the Book Club. This month, we read “Hunger Games”. (my review) SUCH A DAMN GOOD BOOK!! I’ve actually officially finished the trilogy. I LOVED Mockingjay (my review), but was more of going Disappointed smile with Catching Fire. (my review) All in all, a really good series. REALLY good. As in, GAH!! I wanna see the movies so badly. I’m completely obsessed with the Hunger Games Mockingjay Call that’s available on Amazon right now (FOR FREE). I have it, actually, as my text tone on my HTC Inspire Open-mouthed smile Red heart

Besides that, I also am COMPLETELY obsessed with the Taylor Swift song (featuring The Civil Wars): Safe & Sound

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Challenge Accepted–Superbowl Sunday

I mentioned a challenge recently, and I did it yesterday. Laughing out loud One picture, per hour, from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep/bed.

I have 13 pictures. I passed out right before the 14th hour came Open-mouthed smile


9am: I’m awake-ish. Kindle is keeping me entertained.

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I propose a challenge

Just a fun one with pictures.

Pick a day. Any day. Doesn’t have to be an exciting one.
Every hour, on the hour, take a picture.

So, if you wake up at 7am, you’ll take a pictures at

until you go to bed.
Personally, I’m going to do it tomorrow. Super Bowl Sunday for me is the perfect day. I’m going shopping in the morning with my family (gotta pick up some Girl Scout stuff, as well as “extras” for SBS), and then it’s all family-time 😀

Though, I could choose next Sunday. The Phantom Menace, 3D 😀 Tickets purchased BEFORE they were even on sale. I <3 Fandango.

Anyways, come one, come all 😀

BTW: I read this challenge online somewhere 😀

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