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Currently Cards … Daily?

I think I am going to go back to doing the Currently Cards daily again. I’ll use a combination of the ones from Kristin Papercrafts and the ones released by Inspired Designs, designed to match Right Here, Right now, available at Gingerscraps.


Watching: X-Files
Listening: Ethan’s Legos
Reading: The Texan‘s Royal M.D.
Loving: Ethan’s birthday
Feeling: Sore jaw
Admiring: Cupcake job
Contemplating: A long walk

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Currently List Wrap-Up: December 16-22, 2014

Castle on Netflix. Well, Netflix DVDs. Reminds me I need to get the one out of the mail.
And I started to get sick.

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Castle Marathon


Yeah, I admit it. I have become a huge fan of Castle. I have a good time watching the show. I have to admit that I didn’t like it at first.

A Week in My Life: Friday

Adventuroo WIML friday

I made a comment today to my husband that this week for A Week in the Life was perfect timing. Usually, there’s absolutely nothing going on. The kids would be at school, and I’d be home alone. Instead, the kids had a short week of school, and we’ve got the Husband Guy home. I’m LOVING this week. I thought it would drive me nuts, and there are times when it has, but honestly, I adore that he’s home. I miss him when he’s at work all the time.


Fridays means that I have to wake up really freaking early, so that we can get the Gingerscraps newsletter sent at a decent time. My awesome possum partner-in-crime was amazing enough to make sure she texted me because I was NOT going to want to wake up. I Red heart that I’m able to do that stuff Open-mouthed smile

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