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First Day Alone

Today was my first day alone on the register and taking care of things at night.

Oh wait, I haven’t talked about that yet, have I? I know I vlogged about it, but I haven’t blogged it!

Basically, I’m no longer a part-time hostess at Saints. I’m now a full-time cashier (and PRN hostess, basically).

What does that mean? The biggest thing is that I don’t have to wear a hair net! That’s awesome to me!

In all seriousness, I’m more in the public, and I get to see people in a better situation. I don’t have to deal with them at their worst. Well, for the most part, I don’t.

We’ll see how it goes, but, I’m loving it! It’s a much better atmosphere, in general!

Beep, Beep

You know one of the best things and most annoying things about shopping? The barcode scanner. It makes shopping so much easier because you don’t have to wait for the cashier to punch in each and every item but that incessant *beep* drives me absolutely bonkers.

Eh, I guess it could be worse. It could sing some sort of song that gets stuck in your head. No thanks. I’ll stick with having Joey’s Stay the Same in my head all the time. Maybe one day I can go to a Joey concert mixed with a bit of NKOTB. We’ll see.