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30 Days of Lists: Day 15

D14 List 15 - Out my window

  1. Cars
  2. Playground
  3. A beautiful pond
  4. The sunrise
  5. The sunset

I can has Learnin’s

I’ve heard that you never stop learning, and I believe that. My road of learning is now branching off to learn more about the beautiful thing that is my camera. Sunday, I will have had this gorgeous baby a month. I have already learned a lot in that month, but there is so much more I could learn. So, I bought myself a book. I got Canon EOS Rebel XS/1000D For Dummies. One cannot go wrong with a “For Dummies” book. I also got some sticky tabs to make notes, so I don’t screw up the book 🙂 Go me, right? Oh!! I also got a set of 3 “S” monogram magnet bookmarks. Madison was getting mad at me for how I was marking my pages in my own books, :lol:, so I figured I’d better get some good bookmarks 😛

Besides that, I also got a new Nintendogs (so Madi can use the other). I’ll be getting my DS-Lite after Ethan’s birthday 😛 Also picked up “Doctor Mater” and completed my Nurse Kori set, :lol:. I love it!!

The best purchase, though, was my Beauty and the Beast set. Will not be opened until I have a permanent shelf or something for it 🙂

Weekly Winners: Feb. 14-20, 2010

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First, before I put up any pictures, I gotta brag some more :talktothehand: . I’ve been doing it all week, but I gotta do it at least one last time: My husband is an amazing man!! He bought me a Canon Rebel XS EOS 1000D camera!! It’s not state of the art, and it only has 10.1 mpx, but hey, I’m happy with it!! I :heart: him so much for it!!

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Less Words Wednesday

blow out the candle

Ethan’s 4th birthday was yesterday. I think he had a good one. Got some Scooby toys, some Thomas stuff [from us and Pappaw], a robot [from my parents], Mack from Cars, and several DVDs [Pinocchio, 2 Thomas, Madagascar 2 -double pack-, :)]. He got a Transformers gift bag and Transformers wrapping paper. Yet, he got no Transformers toys. Why? Because the current ones out suck! We have to wait until the new release of toys for the new movie in June before he can get those. 🙂

Project 365: 013/365 :: A$$3$ who can’t park

A$$3$ who can’t park
Originally uploaded by Sarah @ TM2TS

That little red car? Ours.
The big behemoth? The lady in Two’s moronic craptastic parking boyfriend.
He’s hit THREE vehicles since we moved in. One of those was ours (with his door, dent in vehicle of now parent’s Jimmy). One of the others? A freaking HIT AND RUN!!