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Paying Extra on Bills

Josh and I have gotten into the habit of paying extra on some bills, just to keep ahead of the flood, and it’s honestly working well for us. That screenshot? That’s when our next car payment is due. That’s when our SECOND car payment is due. I paid an extra $500 this month, from tax return, and damn, put us 2 months ahead, at least, XD. *sweet*

We also most likely won’t be paying gas this month, because I’ve overpaid, and they reimbursed our deposit at the same time. Overpaying, especially when the weather is as crazy as it has been, has kept us afloat when things were getting tight, because we overpaid when we could afford it, and made it easier when we really couldn’t. I just can’t believe it took us 6 years together to figure it out. Then again, this is the first year where we’re in a position to do it. Josh’s pay increase seriously came right when we needed it.