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An Update on Me

Well, I haven’t blogged in awhile. No real reason. Just haven’t.

This past week has been INSANEly busy!

Monday: I worked a morning shift. That’s not that big of a deal. It was followed by a Boy Scout EARLY function, but it’s okay. Josh was off this week.


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Okay, I’m making a commitment!

Starting April 03, I’m going to take one picture a day using my Canon T6! That’ll get me used to using it, right?

It doesn’t have to be just a single picture.

It doesn’t have to be good. Let’s be honest. It won’t be the week of the 17th, as I’ll be on pain killers for an oral surgery.

If you’re joining in, let me know.


Road Trip: Week 02

Kit: Back to Nature by Cathy K Designs

I love taking a walk around outside, with my camera in hand. There’s something so peaceful about listening to the wind rustle in the trees, and to feel the earth soft under your feet. There’s a peace to the moment, and it’s easy to absorb it, especially when you’re experiencing a hard moment. Sometimes, they all feel like hard moments, so you have to take a breath, take a moment, and just enjoy the peace that comes with nature.

Picture taken with a Canon EOS Rebel T6, with a EF75-300mm f/4-5.6 lens


New Camera

I got a new camera! I got myself the ! It came with a too! Oh, and a ! Not a bad deal for $600, including tax, right?

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