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How Do You Protect Yourself

There are so many different types of cancer out there. Cervical, breast, brain, bone, ovarian, even something called Mesothelioma cancer. How do you protect yourself?

With cervical, you can get a shot that helps ward off certain types. Breast cancer is all about knowing your body. Others are hard to find and diagnose, though.

You’d think with all the brains we have running these research labs, something would be out. Instead of trying to find new ways for people to lose weight through pills that can kill you, how about we find cures for cancers, AIDS, things like that.

A Friend in Pain

An amazing person I met on Plurk suffered a loss today. KDFrawg had to put his beloved Tucker the Weird Dawg to sleep. The reason was cancer, but the true reason was love. He couldn’t bear to see his gorgeous dog suffer more than he already had.

Today, as you look around and bitch about your life (yes, I do it too), think of the Frawg and the pain he’s going through, and send a little love into the air for him.

The Blogging World

Every day, something new is posted, some piece of vital information. Yes, it happens more than just every day, but it definitely always happens each day.

Yesterday, some very sad news hit the blogging world. A great blogger, mother, daughter, wife, is losing her battle with cancer, and is now at home, with her family, for her last moments. I do not know Lisa personally, but I have been reading her blog.

There are no words that will make her fight any easier, no words to take away the pain of knowing that she’ll be leaving her family behind as she takes those final steps in life. There is nothing no one could say or do to make things better, but we can try. If you can do nothing more than spread the word, so that her and her family are surrounded by good thoughts and prayers, I think that would be most comforting. Maybe surrounding the doctors and scientists with inspirational thoughts, to see if they can find a cure.

Now, excuse me while I go and cuddle with my little boy and cry a little. Well, more than a little.

Lisa, you don’t know me, and I don’t know you, but I pray that you are constantly surrounded by love and family for the rest of your moments on this Earth, and beyond.

WTF? – Political Related

I am speechless. I just heard a tape of a truly hateful speech made by an elected official. It is astounding what they will say when they think we are not listening. Check it out at http://www.victoryfund.org/listening. Equating the movement for LGBT equality with terrorism and toe cancer? Come on. It is so ridiculous that it would almost be humorous, except that she is deadly serious, and people are listening to her behind closed doors. We will not let this one go by. We need to make sure she knows people everywhere know what they say when they think we’re not listening by visiting http://www.victoryfund.org/listening.