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Scrap A Long Cassidy

I’ve had a busy scrapbooking July so far! I just haven’t shown them here, because I forgot :O I’ve been posting them on my digi tumblr.

Kit: This Summer collab between Pretty in Green and Sugar Kissed Designs

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I Have Caught Up! GO ME!!

It took about 72-hours total, but I’m totally and completely caught up! High five

They’re all there, complete with credits (and originally written by HAND and then typed up. Yeah, that’s dedication Smile with tongue out

Now, I’m going to go sleep for a week, Laughing out loud. I swear, I was seeing these things in my SLEEP Rolling on the floor laughing

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Going Creatively

My view above. Direct sunlight. Maybe I'll get some color.

Challenges and weather. That’s what I’ve had to deal with.

The challenges are Brownie Scraps, the Supreme challenge, that is. Another is a speed scrap from Gingerscraps! Smile

On the weather, it’s been COLD. I never thought I’d say that 80 was cold after this winter, but hell, it was cold. Sitting in direct sunlight yesterday afternoon, and I was STILL cold!

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Lost Some Weight

Well, not really Laughing out loud. But I did make a huge change in myself!

Madi has a new lookI went short too

Madi and I both got MAJOR changes! Madi’s is shorter than mine, but I lost more hair, if that makes sense Winking smile

Also, Gingerscraps has their new Buffet out! Camp Out! There’s even a “glamping”! I have lots of pictures to use for this, but I figured I’d show off that it doesn’t have to be about camping!!

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