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Okay, I’m making a commitment!

Starting April 03, I’m going to take one picture a day using my Canon T6! That’ll get me used to using it, right?

It doesn’t have to be just a single picture.

It doesn’t have to be good. Let’s be honest. It won’t be the week of the 17th, as I’ll be on pain killers for an oral surgery.

If you’re joining in, let me know.

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29 March, 2018 · 9:58 am

New Camera

I got a new camera! I got myself the ! It came with a 75-300mm lens too! Oh, and a camera bag! Not a bad deal for $600, including tax, right?

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7 March, 2018 · 10:31 pm

Stormy Saturday

Started my vacation today. I think the weather is telling me something!

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17 June, 2017 · 10:03 pm

Rain Rain Go Away

So, we have lots of rain falling. We’re at risk of flooding. We had a lot of thunderstorm warnings yesterday.

I also couldn’t resist breaking out all of my cameras! I have missed using my Rebel XS! I also have my ELPH 350 HS!

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Sunset … Sunrise

I was on the phone with Josh last night after I got off of work, and mid-sentence I go “Oh my god, you gotta see this sunset”. Weirdo didn’t even get up, I found out later. Me? I took advantage of red lights and got pictures!

I love sunsets!

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26 September, 2016 · 12:09 pm