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Goals … I have Them!


So, one goal I had was finding SOMETHING that will stay on my weirdly shaped head while I work out. I found something with TheSavvyCoconut headbands (available on Etsy!)

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Project 2016 Weeks 7 & 8

I’m not behind! I’ve had Week 07 done for like half the week, :lol:. I finished Week 08 done on the 31st. I just couldn’t focus long enough to get anything done. But, I’m mostly on top of my Project 2016! And with Project: Life for Android out now, I’m going to be able do even more pages with ease!

Project 2016: Week 07

I worked a double. Doubles aren’t fun, but I finished it. I didn’t mind the hours. I liked the extra day off as well 😉 I am loving Project 2016. I’m getting into the hang of making sure I pick a picture at least once every 2 days for the Project 365 portion of it!

Project 2016: Week 07, Side A
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Typical Writer Regular

I had to work on Valentine’s Day. Not just work, but had to do a double. So I got to enjoy an extra day with the kids. Though they weren’t too thrilled with it. We at least got pretty flowers.


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Two New Things! + Thursday 3

#thursday3 ? I got a new camera. It's the #elph350hs and I'm already in love. ? I also got myself a trampoline. Now to figure out where to put it ? ? I am trying to get on track with my #project2016. So far, I'm not behind ? #photofy @photof
? I got a new camera. It’s the ELPH 350 HS and I’m already in love.
? I also got myself a trampoline. Now to figure out where to put it ?
? I am trying to get on track with my Project 2016. So far, I’m not behind ?

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Happy 4th!


I took too many damn pictures, so I’ll upload them in the morning after I clean them off my phone (we’re talking over 800 😆 ). But here’s one of Madison lighting one. Don’t worry, Josh was just out of the frame, and I obviously wasn’t far away either. Plus, she’s 12. She’s got this!

Me, Just Me

It’s fitting that the theme of iNSD at Gingerscaps is all about the #selfie. This month’s NaBloPoMo theme is also “Photo” and today’s is theme is “you” (aka “me”) I’ll admit it, I take a lot of selfies. If I didn’t, there wouldn’t be any pictures of me. I don’t like other people’s pictures of me.


I think I might have whitened my teeth too much, but that’s okay.

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