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Trying hard but failing …

I’m trying hard to find the beautiful reasons to be happy, but it’s getting harder this past couple days.

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A New Buffet!

It’s the first of the month! That means a brand spanking new buffet them at Gingerscraps! This month’s is another “Designer’s Choice” and it’s GORGEOUS!!


I love coffee. I love the coffee theme that so many of the designers went with for this month’s buffet.

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Blogathon …

Blogathon was fun! I really enjoyed it. I got wiped towards the end, but it was worth it. I raised about $65 for Helping Hands Humane Society, and every dollar counts.

I learned a few things:

  • It would have been easier to do it with someone chatting, :lol:, but with the PC resetting it’s IP addie several times (did it at least 3 times), none of the messengers wanted to work.
  • I think it would have been a bit easier if I’d had a laptop. This chair gets uncomfortable after a few hours, and after 13, I was aching. After 24, I was begging for the couch
  • I want a webcam, BADLY. Knowing that there were other people watching me would have kept me pretty entertained. I spent a good portion watching Bug and her kitty half the night
  • Reading materials are a must. If I buy books for Blogathon, someone’s gotta hide them until Blogathon itself, XD. Thank god for eBooks, or I would have been screwed!
  • I need to find a better way of sustaining my energy. Caffeine at the beginning worked to wake me up, but then I burnt a good portion of energy taking care of brats and laundry, 😆

I didn’t get anything that I wanted to get done. Freaking PSP kept crashing every time I’d start on something. grumble

101 Things – Part 05

17. I hate to do laundry.
I abhor that chore!!

18. If I have too much caffeine, and not enough food, I get jittery.
I’ll have to take video so you can see, XD. It’s actually kind of weird looking, and very subtle.

19. I finally have music on my cellphone, that I like.
But I’m still denied “Before He Cheats”, XD, so Josh’s ringtone is Chewy’s yell, 😆

20. I’m having problems coming up with this stuff, 😆.
I never would have thought that I would have, XD