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That’s a Planner Right There

Ready for next week! Doing the tracking! Set up a meal plan. Ready to take notes about the day!

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Less Words Wednesday

Clouds in the sky #marchphotoaday

Life hasn’t been that great the past few days. Saturday: ended up with a migraine (not eating, lots of noise, VERY busy)

  • Sunday: spent all day in bed recovering from the migraine
  • Monday: Field Trip to TPAC with the oldest. SO much fun.
  • Tuesday: Ended up sick due to allergies
  • Today (Wednesday): Still sick but allergy meds seem to be helping.

So, not lots of blogging happened. My phone has a WordPress app, but I’m considering deleting it, simply because it doesn’t work the same way as the Windows 7 app did. Meaning I can’t upload a picture with a post without TAKING a new picture. I don’t like that. It just doesn’t work the way I need it to.

Anyways, back to blogging. I’ve got some catching up to do!

Time to Work

I have quite a bit of things to work on today, this week Open-mouthed smile

  1. Picking up Josh from work, today.
  2. Pay for truck (if they finish today) and pick up keys
  3. Work on Girl Scout gifts (for Halloween Alien)
  4. Pick up kids from school, so I can drop off something for one of my daisies.
  5. Make dinner
  6. Since I just got news truck won’t be done until TOMORROW (part is in KC and won’t be in until this afternoon Sad smile), I’ll be doing this EARLY crap tomorrow too, PLUS driving to Lawrence!

Ugh, right now, I need to eat. And wait on a call from my husband He called Open-mouthed smile

So, yeah, BUSY next few days but I’m okay with the busy-ness!!

Now to eat me some grilled Tilapia. Smells SO good!! Plate

I learned something today …

Double and triple check that the damn memory card is in your camera. FUDGE!! I could have gotten some really great shots with my camera today, but *nope* I forgot the mother-f’ing card in the laptop!! *grumble*

We went and saw Jesse’s house today. Smaller than what we need, but like two times Mark and Julie’s (and a decent yard). Huge garage. Plus, you can fit like 4 vehicles in the driveway. Full basement. The only shower is in the basement, though, :lol:. Cable ended up being hooked up while we were there. The kitchen of his house? I took one look, called Josh to see, and went “That size or bigger,” as he’s saying it with me, :lol:. Great minds, I tell you. Jesse, I’m jealous of you!! AND!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEGAN!! (his girlfriend, not my sister :P)
I did get some pictures though! Most were with my cell though:
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Busy Day Tomorrow

Josh is off!! *w00t* On a Friday!! Madi is off!! So, we’re going to get our licenses renewed (so that Josh’s is here by the 18th of April, when his expires, no matter how slow the DMV is, :lol:).

Then we’re just gonna “cruise” around town. I want to go to Best Buy and check out the filters. 🙂 I’m wanting to try some more :P. Target is a stop because Ethan and Madison are in need of pants (Walmarts seem to all be in the thick, thug-style or huge cargoes, and Ethan doesn’t have the butt to keep them up, ;)). Maybe a stop at Sam’s. Its been suggested that I try hummus, :lol:.

Otherwise, not much is going on 😛 Mom sent Ethan’s birthday presents from her and Dad, as well as the ones from Megan and her gang, :lol:. It’s been pure torture for him to see them but not be able to open them, :lol:.