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Women Are Gross

Before you get all offended, please remember I’m a female. I’m a woman. I know the ins and outs of being female, a mother, all of that jazz.

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1 July, 2014 · 1:54 pm

Two On Tuesday

Two pictures to share the day

I found Olive Garden branded (and so tasting exactly the same) products at Walmart. YUM!

And I got some sunburn relief!

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3 June, 2014 · 3:21 pm

Continuing things …

April 02
Made with Pixlr Express. I personally really like how the “wonky” really looks wonky!
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2 April, 2014 · 9:23 pm

Project 365: Week 04

022.365 [2014] - Laundry
Sometimes I have to have photographic proof that I actually do the laundry, 😆

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That kind of luxe just ain’t for us

005/366 [2012] - What I Wore Today

(Sarah @ TM2TS)

I’m not really looking for wholesale clothing, but I do like a good bargain for clothes! The kids are outgrowing their clothes almost faster than we can keep them in them! Ethan’s fully out of size 8’s. Well, sort-of. He’s too tall for them, but they still have to be adjusted to fit him in the waist … and they’re slims! Skinny waist, long legs. Hmm, I wonder where he gets that?

Eventually, they’ll stop growing long enough for us to get them into decent fitting clothes, but for now, they’re either too big or too small. With Ethan, I’d prefer too big. With Madison, I’d almost prefer too small, at least in shirts. They’re a little tighter, but she’s not flashing skin when she bends over either. Ugh! Girls are IMPOSSIBLE to raise, I Say!

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