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Did you know?

Did you know that America made history last night?
Did you know that America really does have a brain?
Did you know that America really does want change?

We found this without a doubt last night. We Americans made a momentous decision yesterday, and it was made as a whole. There were those that voted for McCain, but they were far out-numbered by those who wanted change, something different from Bush and the Republicans.

Sadly, some states made some stupid mistakes in my opinions. They voted away gay rights like one would go look for an online auto insurance quotes comparison. The choices California, Arkansas, and Arizona really burn my bum. California, I think, more than others. They REMOVED the rights that were already given. Arkansas just removed who knows how many couples from the ability to adopt. I’m going to shut up on that front now though.

Damn it!

I didn’t even think to post yesterday. :faint: Whoops! Someone kick me bum. Okay, not really. Yesterday wasn’t a busy day or anything. I’ve just been working like mad on my doll for EE’s Cobblestone Catwalk 🙂 I’m enjoying it too.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Doll 1: Original concept
Doll 2: Adjusted the bow and the top a little
Doll 3: Re-did the top totally, added back the original bow, and changed the skirt color
Doll 4: Did the shoes

I really need help with this though, so HELP!!
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Can’t get motivated

Everything that was created during “Share the Love” is up, but that’s all I can be motivated to do 🙁 I can’t do anything else. I’m so freaking exhausted from being ripped out of sleep listening to Josh last night. The brats are whiny for the same reason. I know it’s not Josh’s fault he was sick, but sheezus, I want some sleep!!

And, if you couldn’t tell, a whole new look. The blue was bothering me, and I wanted to use this one 😛 Bite me bum if you don’t like!