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Something …

I went to bed SUPER early last night and didn’t blog.

I did do something scrapbook related …

but it was for Gingerscraps, 😆

Now I’m working on the newsletter and then I’m going to bed 😛

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28 April, 2016 · 10:40 pm

Scrapbook Friday: Buffet Cover


I make the layouts/covers for the buffets at Gingerscraps, and January‘s was no exception. This time, I used one of the templates from the series to make the cover as well.

Here’s the image in use:

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1 January, 2016 · 12:26 pm

December Daily: Day 01

LKD-GiftForYou5Listers Gotta List: Day 01: Favorite December Memories

  • baking
  • snow days
  • seeing the Nutcracker
  • birthdays
  • decorating the tree
  • Midnight service

Kit: December 2015 Buffet by the GS designers
Template: LissyKay Designs

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1 December, 2015 · 11:05 pm

Layouts for Days

Not really but hey, I got some layouts!


30 Days of Lists: Day 01

What You Might Have Heard About Me

  • I’m a Selfie Addict
  • I love to journal
  • I’ve never finished a novel I’ve started
  • I love to make lists
  • Books are my lifeblood

Kit: Makers Gonna Make by JB Studio

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Love, Life, Walking, and Layouts

One does not simply do a creative challenge #creativechallengegonewild #llamaletters @LlamaLetters #pgw #plannersgowilduncensored

I’m joining a fun challenge (or a few). One includes playing with lettering 😀

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1 August, 2015 · 11:49 pm