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From a Brownie to a Junior

It’s after 11pm here, and I’m just now blogging. Oh well. I have a valid excuse: family time, Girl Scouts, and Madison becoming a JUNIOR!!

Girl Scouts Banquet 2012
Madison, I can’t believe that I watched you grow so much. This year has been full of big changes in your life, and you did it with grace and beauty.
Girl Scouts Banquet 2012
You take that first step, towards maturity. Some worry for you. Some can’t watch.
133/366 [2012] - My Bridged Junior
But you took that step, with grace, with beauty, with pride.

We love you, Baby Girl, and we are so proud of you. SO proud.

Now excuse your momma as she goes and finds a corner to cry.

126/366 [2012] – Back to Basics

Madison at Back to Basics, after everyone had left. Only five of us were left in Dover, KS, at Camp Daisy. We had two Brownies and one Junior.
We slept semi-outside, in perma-tents.
I honestly had a lot of fun, and I think Madison did too!

I Went Two Days With No Post

But I have a legit reason why I didn’t. I can give a small hint: 100_2258

I went camping. Full-on camping. You can see our perma-tents right there!
Those are our girls! Our girl scout troop. Some are missing, yes, but most of them are there!

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February Photo A Day–Day 01–My View Today


Well, technically, this is yesterday, but it’s officially Feb. 01’s day. I just found out about this a day late Open-mouthed smile

A Junior and two Brownies selling Girl Scout cookies.

Oh, and a really hot boxer in the background.

I have NO idea what Madi’s looking at!

019/366 [2012] – Daisy Baskets

Part of my Daisy gifts for the end of the year ?
They’re spoiled. Seriously.
I love the girls. I’m only going to have like FIVE in my group next year, since three are going to transition into Brownies. :O