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She’s Been Sort of Found

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I’ve sort of found my female main character.

I’m doing a similar style like I did last year with 2 different worlds simultaneously, but I’m going more of the Dungeons and Dragons route.

My female character will work in an office in “our world”, and will live in denim jackets and boots when she’s not at work. She loves layers and fishtail braids for her strawberry blonde hair.

In the DnD world (Faerun-ish), she’s an elven princess who also discards the fancy garb to go off adventuring.

Courtesy of a workshop with All Year Sprints, hosted on Chatzy, I was able to REALLY get an idea of her likes and dislikes using Pinterest (as shown above).

Now I have to figure out the locations. The male character. Minor characters. Otherwise, I’m SO ready to get this going, and I’m SO GLAD I took this workshop!



Last night I slept with my hair braided. Like full-on French braid. I’ve only done it a few times to myself. It was HARD to do! I wasn’t expecting it to be that hard!

I #frenchbraided my hair before bed #latergram

I was hoping to get some curls out of it, but nope. That didn’t happen. Hair was still WET even though it had been like 8 hours from my shower to the time I took down the braid! WEIRD!