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The Planner!

I’m happy with this new layout that I use for my planner! ALL LINES!

Okay, the boxes above aren’t actually lines but I can put pictures and things there. 😀

But I LOVE the lines!

Happy Planner FTW!

Haiku the Photo

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

All for top of truck
Packed with clothes, filled up
Clothes for a boy, no two boys
To go on the truck

All those boxes are to go to my family’s house when we go. Minus the chip box, :lol:.
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I need to do work

I’m seriously behind on everything I’m supposed to be doing.
I’m a lazy douche, to steal a phrase from Lotus, so I’m not getting anywhere with it. I hate not being motivated but with the fluctuating temps, it’s hard not to be that way.
We’re looking at 70s on Thursday, but its supposed to plummet again next week. They’re talking snow again a week from our 70s. They’re saying flu season is supposed to peak in April. Usually it’s in like January/February. Now it’s well into spring. That’s scary.
My kids are really suffering from it. Madi will get over one cold and another will come along. Ethan won’t even be fully over one before he’s struck down by a new one. It’s getting insane. We just bought 3 boxes of Kleenex’s a week ago. I need to get more because I’m running low. I had to buy a jar of Vaseline for under my nose because of all the blowing.
Winter? Kiss my ass and fuck off!
Anyone else feeling this way?