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The Planner!

I’m happy with this new layout that I use for my planner! ALL LINES!

Okay, the boxes above aren’t actually lines but I can put pictures and things there. 😀

But I LOVE the lines!

Happy Planner FTW!

Well that sucks

We picked up our digital cable box. Cox is saying its hooked-up right (since they can read it), but the damn thing keeps resetting itself on the second bar. *grumble* They scheduled a tech for Monday, first thing. That was the earliest possible appointment date O.o Scary, huh? It worked ONCE for 5 minutes, and then died again. And that was after fiddling to just get it to read the remote to change channels. Looks like they gave us a dead box. 🙁

Got 4 months worth of birth control, so nothing to worry about when I travel to Indiana. It’s definitely going to be from the 23rd of September (though I’ll be logging off on the 22nd) until the 12th of October. Thank god my book should be here by then, LOL. We’ll see about that, I guess.

Josh and I got our hair cut today. Mine’s all one length still, but shoulder-length (will take pictures later). Josh’s is short, but sexy 🙂 I love it when he gets his hair cut. We didn’t do the kids. Madi was having enough problems dealing with us brushing her hair this morning. Josh also got Madden 08, and we got to see most of the Walmart regulars (associates, not customers). It felt good. I miss them all a lot. 🙂