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Week 03: Survivor Challenge Layout

Kit: Hot Mess by Blue Heart Scraps
No template used.
Song: Castle of Glass by Linkin Park
Lyrics used: “Wash the poison from of my skin. Show me how to be whole again”.
Picture: from my shower, actually. It fit perfectly!

Chosen because lately anxiety is just getting to me (appointment made for help with it). For me, the poison is letting the world get to me.

Project 2016 Weeks 7 & 8

I’m not behind! I’ve had Week 07 done for like half the week, :lol:. I finished Week 08 done on the 31st. I just couldn’t focus long enough to get anything done. But, I’m mostly on top of my Project 2016! And with Project: Life for Android out now, I’m going to be able do even more pages with ease!

Project 2016: Week 07

I worked a double. Doubles aren’t fun, but I finished it. I didn’t mind the hours. I liked the extra day off as well 😉 I am loving Project 2016. I’m getting into the hang of making sure I pick a picture at least once every 2 days for the Project 365 portion of it!

Project 2016: Week 07, Side A
Template: Reflections: February by Dagi
Press Pause by Blue Heart Scraps
Get Your Step On by Leaving a Legacy

Typical Writer Regular

I had to work on Valentine’s Day. Not just work, but had to do a double. So I got to enjoy an extra day with the kids. Though they weren’t too thrilled with it. We at least got pretty flowers.


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Layouts from October

I’m supposed to be writing, but instead I’m not. 186 words written and my head is throbbing, my throat hurts, and my feet are aching. I work tomorrow and then have 2 days off (Tuesday and Wednesday) 😀

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Quick Layouts


Back in 2014, for about a week (:lol:), I had purple hair. I miss having purple hair. I need to do it again!

Template: Keeping Tabs by Dear Friends Designs
Kit: Class is In

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Quick Layouts


Journal Card: Nifty 50: State Journal Cards by Dear Friends Designs
Kit: April 2015 Buffet, pieces by Aprilisa, CathyK Designs, and Inspired Designs
Journal Card Font: TypicalWriter Regular
Journaling Font: Janda Elegant Handwriting Regular
Journaling: Madison’s last visit to the beach before we moved to Kansas. She enjoyed it, and was just too stinking cute for words.

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