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Quick Update

Things are going okay here. Kids don’t have school for the rest of the school year. At least not in-school school. The district is working on the online aspect. This is good, because if they can figure this out now, they’ll be able to figure it out later when it comes to snow days. Then they won’t have to add extra days anymore. Maybe?

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I Have an Owwie (*note* BLOOD)

I put the warning because I know some people are *icks* when it comes to blood 😛 I sliced the top of my toe open on my couch. The couch is old. So, some of the parts that attach the upholstery are coming loose. So, when Josh has a week, or several days in a row, off, he's gonna have to flip the couch, because this is dangerous for the kids. We can't afford … okay, we can afford to replace the couch, but it's kind of stupid to do so, considering we don't know where we'll be living a year from now. Will we be in a house? Or still in the apartment? It seriously would make a difference, considering that the living room/family room of the house we buy could be a lot larger than what we have now, and we could have purchased a more expensive and better couch system 😛

Warning: BLOOD