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Short and Sweet

So I made the decision I’m trying to get back into blogging again daily, so here’s to Day 02! This one will be short and sweet because I have a lot of work that I need to do. We have some wicked storms coming ugh, but here’s some pics from when we went to let our friends’ dog out to play for a bit (they’re out of town)

Jack, my friend's dog
Jack, my friend’s dog

Jack was very excited to get to see people, I think. More than anything. He stopped and posed for a few shots. 😀

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30 Days of Lists {Sept 23}


S14 List Header 23

  1. I literally pull out my hair (trichotillomania)
  2. My hair isn’t naturally purple :O
  3. My hair is actually naturally blonde
  4. I’m short, but I’m not supposed to be
  5. Long legs and shorter than natural waist.
  6. My hips and my ribs actually rub if I slouch when I walk
  7. I bargain for things 😉

Keeping It Real: Not Natural

I’m not a natural redhead. Heck, I’m not even a natural brunette!

When I was a blonde, though? I got asked if I dyed my hair. NO ONE believed that I didn’t!!

random 026random 027PB090035

That’s my natural-ish color from way before I ever started dying my hair. That started in 2008. In the years since, I’ve done mostly DARK brown or reddish-brown, though I have had it professionally done strawberry blonde once.

Oh, and the baby in blue? That’s Madi. Yeah, she was uber adorable even then! Also, aren’t you glad I got rid of those ugly glasses? SO not right for my face!

The other chica? That would be one of my really good friends, Michelle, aka Mish! She lives in New York, but she did live in Florida briefly. We met online, and finally met. One day, we’ll meet up again. I’m dying to meet her son, Thomas, and I’m dying for her to meet Ethan Open-mouthed smile

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