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Hi I’m here

At least I think I am. I seriously need a new place for the computer, or a freaking laptop, like yesterday. Please help me get motivated to make some money, so I can buy that laptop, XD.

To Do List:

  1. Themes, themes, more themes.
  2. Tubes (if I can stop sucking at the shading)
  3. More sigs for the shop
  4. Web layouts (if I can stop sucking at the HTML, XD)
  5. Web sets (if I can come up with decent ideas
  6. I think I can think of more, but brain is currently dead

I’m more tired this week than I was when I was doing Blogathon. WTF is up with that?

Here Comes TMI

Guys, run away now: Boob discussions, and not in a good way. You have been warned.

My boobs fucking HURT!! I’m on Ortho-Cyclen. Monophasic, non-low-dose birth control. Of course, its gonna cause weight gain. I’m not complaining about that. Hell, I like that. I could use a few more curves. The bad thing? My tits have been aching for the past TWO WEEKS!! And, overnight, they’re growing half-cup sizes. I’m starting to overflow my C-cup on one side. :help: I just fucking bought that, and got it during Blogathon, XD. No way in hell am I ready to say “I need a D-cup O.o No!! No, I will not be my step-mom’s side of the family. No!! Just, NO!!

Josh is liking it though, but it means his ass can’t touch me without me running away practically crying. Think engorgement from birth or something. That’s how bad they hurt when they’re touched. They hurt in a bra. They hurt without a bra. They just fucking HURT!

3 … 2 … 1

And we made it!!

Thank you to all my sponsors. I really appreciate it!!

I learned one important lesson: I’m older than I think I am, XD!!


I’m losing Josh. Not in a bad, just he has to go work. 🙁

One more post, thank god!

Almost there

I’m barely, barely gonna make it, 😆

God bless timers, :lol:.