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Starting December Off Right

Vivoactive 3 with a custom face

I jokingly told my mom that if she wanted to give me a present for my birthday, I would “accept” a Garmin Forerunner 45S. She took me seriously and asked when I wanted the check, then or for my birthday.

Friends told me NO and that I can wait until my birthday. I argued with them. Mom even said she’d rather do it earlier. So, I got the check a couple weeks ago, and I ordered my watch on Thanksgiving. I should have waited until Black Friday, because it dropped in price.

But instead of getting the Forerunner, I got myself the Vivoactive 3, no music (I have my phone with me all the time, so I don’t need that. Plus, I get bored with music too easily. It would be a wasted aspect).

I’m already a huge fan of Garmin, as this will officially be my 3rd device, and I’m ready to try out MORE of the stats and fun stuff!

Christmas Scrapbooking

I feel like Christmas is just around the corner! I think I can officially feel that way now, thankfully, because you know what? It truly is just around the corner!! Today is Black Friday, and while Gingerscraps is having some seriously wicked sales, I’ve been getting my scrapbook on!!

I am SO ready for Christmas too. Tyler, our Elf on the Shelf has already made a visit. Make sure you keep an eye on my Instagram each day to see where he ends up next!!

Also: If you’ve been following the NaNoWriMo kefluffle I’ve been dealing with, you’ll know that I have officially hit 40k! 10k to go in a week!! Oh that, that I can so do!

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Writing Goals

Okay, yesterday? I totally surprised the hell out of my self. Goal was 3333. I topped out at 3981. Yeah, I passed that goal by 648 words. And I wrote a grand total of 2980 words, due to only writing 1001 on Sunday because of the stupid flu!

Thinking of NaNo, though, reminds me that I need to make sure I save the file itself in a few places. Definitely going to be e-mailing it to myself on the tower. And saving it on the external. Checking out some of the Black Friday deals. I heard one included a nice 1 TB hard drive. Yeah, we could use that, :lol:.

Now that I’ve blogged, maybe I should do my NaNo writing, :lol:. Today’s goal is 5K. I can do that! That’s just over 1000 words. 1019 to be exact.

Come on, why?

It seems, once again, Josh is getting shafted with hours. This week, he’s working six days. Last week he worked six days. Next week? ONE DAY.

Yes, you read that right, one day. What the hell?
Seriously?! A week before Thanksgiving. The week before BLACK FRIDAY! and they’re expecting NO MAIL? Seriously? Come on people! College kids will get sent packages. Josh has been PICKING UP packages, lots of packages, and they think none will be deliverable next week?

Okay, post office, listen up, and listen well:
Pull your heads out of your asses. Stop worrying incessantly over numbers that don’t mean shit. For the love of Pete, you can’t do anything about those numbers anyway, because it’s against the NALC contract with you. So, the BS you’re pulling right now? Completely and totally fucked up.
And scheduling a carrier for one day a week, making them sit on pins and needles for the rest of the week? It’s just uncalled for an rude as hell.

Fuck off and get bent.

*deep breath*

Now I feel better.

Thanksgiving Updates

:pilgram: :football: Yay! I survived Thanksgiving. Actually, it was a lot of fun! Josh’s dad and I usually don’t get along, but wow! Yesterday was amazing. He and I actually talked to each other :up: Green bean casserole went over well with him (he even complimented me on it, and according to Josh, my ears immediately flamed up, :lol:).

I got to see, for the first time, a MacBook close up. Jesse got himself one, :lol:. It’s so purty. I told Josh that it was my ultimate dream to have one, but that I’d rather have an HP or Compaq one for now, :love: I also ended up just konking on the floor, :lol:. Josh’s family wasn’t too surprised. I always end up falling asleep there if we’re there past dark. I do it at my parents’ house too, and used to do it at Kana’s. I think it has to do with feeling safe 🙂

Now, it’s time to start counting down the days before Christmas, and all that good stuff. Blog plans include, each day, finding something I think would make a good present for someone, :lol:, whether it be a friend of mine, or a family member. Maybe you’ll get inspired, as well. If you have suggestions, I’d love to hear about them.

Anyways, enjoy your “Black Friday”!!

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