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I Wanna Be Planner Famous

Today's to do list ? Also, I'm not sure if the laptop and Fox are from @miscellany.boulevard or #peanutbuttertaco #ack #DayDesigner #thedaydesigner #libbieandco #plannersgowilduncensored #pgw #todolistofdoom #gingerscraps #ctduties #digisc
This was today’s To Do List. I didn’t finish it all. Hell, I didn’t finish any of it, but HEY! I did get some stuff done! I’ve already started tomorrow’s list.

Needing to be added: Upload today’s vlog. I had to re-render it because I goofed on it. whoops. Made it a little longer when I was done, though.

And in case you’re curious: the planner is the Today and To Do by Day Designer. The stickers are by Peanut Butter Taco and Miscellany Boulevard. Oh, and Libbie&Co. The sticker stores are on Etsy 😀


Thursday 3


#thursday3, hosted by the wonderful @rukristin. Take a picture of yourself right now and share 3 things about you, what you’re doing, etc.
? 1. Just spent $300 at the grocery store but 90% of the money was towards good stuff. The freezer and fridge are stuffed to the gills.
? 2. I had to put concealer on my 11-year-old. Today is their picture day and I wanted her to be comfortable. Used the COVERGIRL Ready, Set Gorgeous Concealer Light 0.37 Fl Oz. Lightweight but worked well.
? 3. I got Walmart version of an Arnold Palmer. Its really good.