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Future House Shopping

I’m not looking at what our future house will look like, but what we’re going to have on the inside, XD. Like in the kitchen, the laundry room, the bathroom, and stuff like that. I’m picky on certain items, and Josh is willing to go with those, provided we can afford it (we’re hoping to find the house of our dreams that’s lower than our projected price, so that we can do the updates that we want, XD).

First off, the refrigerator. I’ve got 3 big things it must have: french doors, bottom-mount freezer, and an ice/water dispenser. Josh has one requirement: larger than 26 cubic feet, :lol:. I’m just gonna have to wish him luck on that. I did find one that I really like though: Maytag Ice2O 24.9 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Bottom-Mount Freezer – Black

Next up is our washer and dryer. I hate the washer. It’s got an agitator that’s systematically ruining all my clothes. :impatient:. Josh is letting me choose exactly what I want, XD, because I’m the one who does the laundry. I know what we need, what size we need, what special settings we’ll have to have, and all that good stuff. On the dryer, I’m not to picky. Just something that matches and runs well.

Washer: Maytag – Epic 4.0 Cu. Ft. 12-Cycle Super Capacity Plus Washer – Black
Dryer: Maytag – Epic 7.0 Cu. Ft. 8-Cycle Super Capacity Plus Electric Dryer – Black

The next few big things are the stove/oven and the dishwasher. I just want my silverware on the door for the dishwasher, and flat-top for my stove. My choices:

Stove/Oven: GE Profile 30″ Self-Cleaning Freestanding Electric Range – Black-on-Black
Dishwasher: Whirlpool 24″ Built-In Super Capacity Dishwasher – Black-on-Black

Well, that’s it for now, XD

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Digital Camera Woes

During the bridal shower, I broke the camera. I was reaching to grab it off the end table, got bumped, and it slammed to the ground. It snapped the little clip that holds the batteries in. So, I’ve got it ghetto taped, and it barely works *grumble*

Josh put in a specific request for the brand: Canon. So, I did a search on BestBuy.com, and found 2 possible ones. There’s a drastic difference in price between the two (almost $400), but one comes with the SD card, carrying case, and the camera.

Anyways, here’s the choices:

  • Canon – PowerShot 8.0MP Digital Camera – Black: $499.99 (on sale for $399.99)

    12x optical/4x digital zoom; 2.5″ LCD; DIGIC III processor; optical image stabilization; direct-print capability

  • Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi Digital SLR Camera with Memory Card and Bag: $834.97

    This versatile digital SLR camera boasts a DIGIC II image processor andeasy-to-adjust settings for crisp and vivid images. Includes 2.0GBmemory card and gadget bag.

This would pretty much be our Christmas gift to each other (XD), unless we can convince our families to go in on it.

In other news, Josh just texted me that he’s delivering to an apartment complex like the one we lived at in Florida. That’s some scary shit, and reinforces that we’re sticking with this area of Topeka when we start looking for a house. No more ghetto for us. Oh hell no!

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Harddrives and Josh

For the same exact thing, Best Buy charges $83.99, and Walmart charges $69.98
160 GB western digital

Best Buy: 160 GB Western Digital
Walmart: 160 GB Western Digital

And, sorry Mish. I can’t explain away spending an extra 14 dollars for the exact same thing. Even with a 12% rewards discount for Best Buy, Walmart would be cheaper 🙂
And, please, at 9:15 am CST Friday!!, Josh has his interview with the Post Office!! Good luck wishes towards him please! He needs them!!

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