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Missed a Day


I missed yesterday. No real excuse, minus it was a “Rest” day. Meaning I took a nap. After we went to Kmart, Hobby Lobby, Best Buy, and Walmart.

Best Buy and Walmart were the only places we spent money, so HEY, woo hoo for us!

I got a new pair of headphones that my ears have to adjust to:

I really do like them!

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So, I failed at the goals for August. Though VEDAugust went pretty decently. I’ve only missed two days so far!

Here’s a PLAYLIST if you want to check them out!

But, I’m going to work on some goals for September, and let’s review at the end of the month to see how well I do on that!
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Water-Filled Bliss


So, I got my new phone. It’s “water-resistant” and there are LOTS of videos testing it, but I’m still not quite ready to just throw it in the water with me.

But I’m in total BLISS with my new phone. I’m ready to try it out and take more pictures with it. I’ve already taken 103 with it 😆 That’s not including the edits that I’ve done with apps 😉

Now, I’m hoping I can get some sleep. My body is completely rebelling against me this week. Ugh. Figures, but I can deal with it 😉


My Week in Pictures

MONDAY: April 07, 2014

Josh was off. We’d planned to go to the AT&T store and at least SEE if I can get a new phone. They were STUPID busy at 10am, when they’d opened, so we went to the mall and walked around a few places, to wait an hour or so, to see if it gets any less busy (the AT&T store).

April 07

097/365 [2014] - Last Pic With Inspire
Little did I know when I took this picture that it would be my LAST with my old phone, the HTC Inspire. The bathrooms at the mall are pretty dang spiffy and nice! I even got lucky to get a FRESHLY CLEANED toilet. Still had the blue water and seat up!

A little info on the outfit:
Jeans are Jordache’s from 2000. I’m going to have to retire them, because one of the belt loops is nearly ripped off and they’re worn out in the inner thigh.
Jacket is from Old Navy that I got last year.
Shirt (not seen) is the “Go Vlog Yourself” design from the CTFxC and DFTBA 😀
My awesome bag is the Think Geek Handbag of Holding that I got for Christmas

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New Camera


I got a new camera today. I’ve been in desperate need of one since the kids’ Christmas program, when my Kodak refurb bit the dust. So, when I caught a Canon Powershot on sale at Best Buy, I totally couldn’t resist it. I had ONE requirement for the camera, and that was that I could ZOOM while filming. Guess what? I can! I got a Canon PowerShot A3400 IS and I’m already totally in love with it already, LOL!