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First Dances

So, Madison has her first ever dance coming up this week! That meant we had to get her a dress. Though the kids have no real idea what’s going on (and neither do I since I can’t find a parent newsletter anywhere), so it was hard to choose the right dress.


This was the dress I wish she would have picked, but she turned it down.

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The Face of the Blogger


It’s not every day that I decide to do my make-up. Today, I did, including tight-lining and the waterline. Some really great mascara, Voluminous Butterfly by L’Oreal Paris. I got it for free from Influenster a bit ago and it still works awesome.

And I’m so sorry the picture is yellow-ish. Stupid lighting in the bathroom.

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23 November, 2014 · 9:06 pm

Fire Light


There is nothing better than a nice fire, with some good people and some amazing kids.

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Make a Face


My FOTD. I’m REALLY loving the COVERGIRL Bombshell Curvaceous By Lashblast Mascara that I got through my Influenster Surf’s Up Vox Box!

I went to Texas Roadhouse with the parentals and the family. It was a beautiful meal, though I did get a little drunk. They have good margaritas there.

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19 July, 2014 · 10:58 pm

Sims 3: Genetics Challenge


There’s a challenge for the Sims 3 about Perfect Genetics. This is my founder, Kylie.
With the rules, I only ignored one: Dislikes Children. Instead, I just won’t have a “Family Oriented” 😀
That’s the nice thing about challenges. I can edit them the way I want. The full rules will be linked here.

Josh suggested her hair color. He said “Pink Lemonade” and since I already had planned on making her a singer, that’s also her stage name. I ? her hair! It’s a hair style I rarely use, and I’m glad I decided to!

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15 June, 2014 · 9:04 pm