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Let’s Get This Planner Thing Going …

Filled out last week! :O

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Someone Went Shopping

I got the cutest shirt ever! “I love you to the beach and back”! 😀


We’re going to the pool tomorrow, and all of us, no matter what, we burn. So, 4 things of sunscreen. AND 2 things of After-Sun Gel (with cooling effects) and After-Sun lotion for extra hydration!


And new shampoo!! Such a small container for the price but it’s ALL I can find with no sulfates! Even the salon stuff has it :O

Come Sail Away

First Beach

I want to go to a beach. I want to just soak away in the sand and the sun. I don’t mean somewhere butt-cold. Somewhere WARM. Somewhere sunny. Somewhere where I can plop on a towel and read the day away, wearing a cute little swimsuit. I don’t have a need for metal detectors underwater. Hearing the waves crash on the shore will honestly be enough for me.


I was talking to Kori on Twitter about wedding plans. We want to get married on a beach. We want that so badly. Like badly enough that I’m looking at condos in Destin FL, just to see how much we’d have to spend to be able to squeeze most everyone in one area for cheap.

I want my beach wedding. Today brings it all home how much I want it.

Well, at least I have my knight in shining armor 🙂