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Sleeping In


I got to sleep in again. It was nice.

I’m going to miss seeing this face every day though. He was a blast to hang out with, even if the bathroom remodel made getting to him a bit of a struggle. 😀

A Little Soak

Enjoying an #Aveeno #Oatmeal bath

No need to fret or worry.
Just sit back and relax.
It’ll be okay.
Let your worries float away.

Weird … but cool

I’ve seen commercials for those walk in tubs, and man, they look weird but cool. You know? I understand they’re for those who have difficulties or whatever but I wouldn’t mind having one for myself. That could be why I’m wanting to hook myself up, when we finally get our own house, with a walk in shower / bathtub combo bathroom. Then again, I want a jacuzzi type bathtub, so a walk in shower might be a smart idea.

Weekly Winners: May 17 – May 23, 2009

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Learning From Daddy
Josh was showing him how to “draw” with the Wiimotes on the Wii. He learned FAST, too!! And had a blast being “like Madi” as he put it. 🙂
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Tuesday’s To-Do List

The to-do list for Tuesday is a little long. Wednesday brings pest control, and well, pest control is our signal “oh, time to really clean”, . I really hate cleaning.
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