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Family Time @ The Zoo

My work had a function at the zoo. Free food, and free entrance! We took advantage! ūüėÄ

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Quality Time for the Spouse

Last night, Josh spent some quality time with the kids, and it was so cute! He wanted to give me some quiet time, and I really appreciated it.

photo credit: s_agniren

It reminds me though that we, as parents, need to find quality time with each other. My husband and I never get to go out. I really do mean never. The last time we had any “alone” time was on our anniversary, which was in September. We have family, but none of them really seem willing to watch our kids for us, even if we offer to pay. ‚Ěď

We haven’t found anyone else that we can leave them with. We don’t go out and do anything crazy, and we’re usually home by 10pm. That’s not a late night. We usually just head to Barnes and Noble for a coffee and read some books. We’re cheap, :lol:.

While we don’t get any official alone time, we do get some quality time together. Even if they’re not asleep-asleep, kids are usually in their rooms by a specific time, and then my husband and I bond over our computers, or we turn on a movie in the bedroom. We’ve learned that quality time can occur at any time.