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Currently Card: May 06, 2015


Watching: Llandros is a Simmer on YouTube. He has a challenge using ALL that Sims 3 has to offer! I love it!

Reading: American Romance book combo. I love these types of novels.

Listening: Josh was watching a Livestream

Making: Messes are so much fun to make

Feeling: Moody for some reason. I was also extremely exhausted.

Planning: I got my 10k in! Forced myself to do it though I didn’t want to!

Loving: I played with a touchscreen laptop today, and yeah, now I’m thinking of upgrading my laptop to a touchscreen. I found a 17.3″ with better specs than this one (2gb graphics card! gasp), and it’s only $100 more than I spent on this (NOT including the $250 we’ve shelled out in repairs).

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6 May, 2015 · 11:07 pm

Shopping List – Dec. 07, 2007

My shopping list for tomorrow, things I have to buy, XD.

  1. Wrapping Paper
  2. One more gift for Emma and Gavin
  3. Stockings for Josh and I
  4. Haircuts for Ethan and Josh (since we’re going to be there anyway, XD)
  5. A gift for Jamie from the kiddos
  6. To-From labels (we used all of ours from last year, XD
  7. Chicken, pork chops, and hamburger
  8. Madi’s Barbie/Horse set, plus her extra horse
  9. Outfits for Madi and Ethan (Christmas gifts)
  10. Notebook for Embodiment, the paper journal project
  11. Pens and pencils for Embodiment, the paper journal project
  12. Chicken nuggets

More will be added as I think of it, XD

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Christmas Shopping

We started shopping, recently, for the kid’s Christmas gifts. We picked up one for Ethan already, because we’re having such a hard time finding what it was we were wanting. Ethan absolutely adores Optimus Prime, so we’re definitely getting him Optimash Prime, *:lol:*. Madi has “Darth Tater”, so might as well even it out with Daddy’s obsessions, :up:. So, he’ll be getting Optimash Prime, and a $40 Optimus Prime. Work for me, XD.

Madi’s not that easy to shop for. She’s got her likes and her dislikes, and at times, those two actually clash with each other, XD. She wants ponies, and she wants Barbie’s (she’s close enough to five, XD), but she doesn’t really seem to like the sets. We did find her one that we’re considering, but we’ll see on that, XD. We found Madi the horse set, that comes with a Barbie, and we can actually get her a foal that goes with the set, to equal the cost of Ethan’s Optimus Prime. To match Darth Tater? I think that’ll be accessories for Barbie.

What would you get a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old?


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